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Jan 26, 2013 8:00am EST
issues, like identity and religion, or you can learn a hands-on skill. we're here to provide resources to inspire everyone to realize their inner potential, and lead fulfilling and enriching lives. support quality public television today. here are ways that we can say thanks when you do. >> with one out of every three adults suffering from the pain of arthritis, it may be time for you to join the thousands who have made yoga a way of life. when you contribute $60 to your public television station, we'll send you the easy yoga for arthritis dvd with our thanks. >> it's made me more flexible, more able to do everything i want to do. >> the dvd includes the 40-minute program you've been enjoying, and more than 95 minutes of home workout programs. learn safe and effective ways to reduce pain and increase your mobility. it's the perfect introduction to yoga for those challenged by arthritis or the stiffness that comes with age or injury. >> i've been able to still consider... pursue hiking, walking, golf, things of that nature. so yoga has helped restore some of my life's activities that i
Jan 22, 2013 7:00am PST
invent not only your own country but to invent your own religion you're own spirituality. ♪ you got to help me to take a stand ♪ >> if i say "fire and rain," what's the first thought you have? >> i remember where i was when i wrote the tune. >> where were you? >> whether it first occurred to me. i was in a basement flat in london in the west end. ♪ oh i seen fire and i seen rain ♪ >> and the song just came to me. and then -- >> just came to me? >> uh-huh. i mean you know, songs were -- that was happening frequently to me at that point. and -- >> why was that at that point this was happening to you? >> well, i had a lot of empty time. i had a lot of energy. i had a lot of yearning a lot of unsolved senses of -- i very much wanted to express myself and define myself. >> was that the most fertile period for you ever? >> yeah, yeah it was. i was really busting at the seams to express myself. ♪ i'm going to carolina in my mind ♪ >> where did that song come from? >> i was homesick. i was in london and i was -- i was just thinking about north carolina. i was so -- >> does it just fl
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2